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    Every foreigner coming for travel short or long term require a visa for entry. Visas are not issued on arrival in the country; they must be obtained prior to your trip.

    Tourist visas are the easiest and cheapest visa available for Pakistan. The visa process changes frequently, so it’s best to contact the nearest Pakistan consulate for accurate information.

    You cannot get a tourist visa for Pakistan from anywhere else outside your country of permanent residence. Obtaining a visa from a country other than your country of permanent residence is extremely difficult, not guaranteed and the average visa time can vary anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months.

    Each consulate seems to have different policies for giving out visas, but because of the recent change Letter of Invitation (LOI) has been made mandatory for all the foreigners wanting to visit Pakistan.

    In some cases we have seen people traveling and applied for the visa from their home country either by a visa consultant or by a family member. Most cases get approvals without having to give a telephone interview while sometimes they ask only for the proof of residence documents. At the end it all depends which consultate you apply to as mentioned above all of them seem to have different policies to give out visas. 

    An LOI is a letter from a tour operator or travel agent in Pakistan saying that they have made arrangements for your travel in Pakistan and will be responsible for you during your time in the country. For more clarification on this please send us an email and we at that time will find the best agencies who can help you with an LOI with some service changes. Mostly these vary from $30 – $50.

    Visa Application Requirements for Pakistan.

    Below are a list of documents that you will need to have in place before applying for a tourist visa to Pakistan:

    1. Visa Application – applications can either be downloaded from the website of your country’s Pakistan Consulate or received physically from the nearest Pakistan Consulate. We have attached a standard visa application form within this post. Please feel free to download it.
    2. Passport – your passport must be valid with at least 6 months left before expiration and have 3 blank pages. If you passport doesn’t meet these criteria you must either get a new passport or add pages to it before you can apply.
    3. Passport Photos – 2 recent passport sized photos with a plain background.
    4. Payment – tourist visa costs vary depending on your nationality, but will cost between 50 and 150 USD.

    Letter of Invitation (LOI) – most of the consulates require an LOI as a mandatory document to be able to process your visa application. LOI is obtained from a travel agent from within Pakistan who will provide you with a letter stating that they are responsible for your stay while you are in Pakistan.

    The maximum length for a tourist visa is 3 months, but the duration of visa varies from 10 days to 6 months depending on your itinerary, travel plan and LOI. However some travers have been lucky enough to get the six months’ validity/90 day entry visa. The visa is valid for three / six months form the day of issues, and you can enter Pakistan at any time up to and including the final day of validity and then stay for up to 90 days (even if this takes you beyond the six months’ validity of the visa).

    One important thing to note is that your visa will come with a “good for journey up to” date. This is not the period of your visa! This is the window of time that you have to enter the country. If you do not enter Pakistan by the “good for journey up to” date, your visa will expire. If you enter the country before the date, your visa period will begin from that day. So, even if you enter Pakistan only one day before the “good for journey up to” date, you will still get your full visa time whether it is 3 months or 2 weeks.

    Tourist visas can easily be extended from within Pakistan. For some countries (USA), visa extensions are free and for some countries (UK) there is a fee. Tourist visas can be extended in Islamabad and Gilgit at the Passport Control Offices. Skardu has a passport office, but currently don’t have the capability to extend visas. Islamabad’s Passport Office is the recommended place to obtain a tourist visa extension.

    To get an extension you will need the following:

    1. – blank page in your passport
    2. – passport photos
    3. – Photocopies of your passport and original visa pages
    4. – money for the extension fee if required

    It is important to note that Entry Visas are no longer issued at any border of Pakistan. Since 2007 entry visa was issued from Sust Border but it has been stopped.

    *Visa application form is attached within this post and can be downloaded easily. This form can be filled online via your browser / pdf reader.

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