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    Pak-India Border ceremony is certainly one of the most interesting experiences you would have during your visit to or Pakistan into India.

    Depending where you are in Lahore and what level of comfort you like to travel in, you can take a local bus, a rickshaw or a taxi to the border. If the weather is pleasant and you don’t have a lot of luggage, you can save money by taking the bus or an auto rickshaw. But sure to ask the bus / rikshaw drive if they would go till the border gate, sometimes they tend to return miles before the border gate.For the most comfort, you can take a taxi.

    A bus from Train station should not cost more then 30PRK ( less than $1). Mostly bus services charge a standard price so there is no need to bargain. However with Rickshaw’s or Taxi’s it is recommended that you negotiate the price. Normally a Rickshaw would cost 800-1200 Pakistani rupees ($10 – $12). While a taxi would cost approximately 1200 – 2000PKR ($12-$20). Certainly the price would vary upon your location in Lahore.

    There are often buses that go straight from Lahore to New Delhi, and sometimes there is a train service operating across the border, but these services are vulnerable to the state of government relations between the neighboring countries. Not only that, services that join the two countries directly are seen as symbols of friendship and cooperation, and these services are accompanied by heavy police escorts due to the fact that not everyone thinks friendship and cooperation are the best policies to pursue. It’s safer and faster to stick with local transportation on each side of the border rather than to use a special service that operates between the two countries.

    The border is not open 24-hours a day. It is usually open from about 10:00 am to 4:00pm, and it can take from one hour to three hours to cross the border, depending how busy it is and if all of your paperwork is in order or not. We recommend calling Latif Bookshop at the border before leaving just to confirm the ceremony starting or border closing time.

    His contact details are :-  00 92 300 492 8416. or you can ask  Pakistan Tourism and Development Corporation details are;

    PTDC office in Lahore
    Tel:+92-42-6311961, 6363946-50
    DTC office in Delhi

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